Czextruder is an extruder designed for polymer clay work. Its creators have paid attention to other extruders failures to build a great quality tool.

The main Czextruder´s feature is that the handle is removable allowing to attach a cordless drilling machine, reducing considerably the effort necessary to work with clay.

In this version 2 there are two models, the XL with a length of 12cm and the XXL with a length of 20cm, both made in steel.


Use Instructions

Despite being a tough tool, because of the hardness of polymer clay will be subjected to large forces, so it should be used well to last a long time. In the following video we can see some practical advice on how to use it:

IMPORTANT!! A major consideration to keep in mind is that we should never push to the end using all the power of the drilling machine or of our hand. Hastening too strong at the end of the extrusion we can submit the threads to excessive force and can deteriorate, making it hard to unscrew any of the caps.


To lengthen the durability of the extruder is convenient to clean it well. Unscrewing both ends we can easily clean the tube using a washcloth or a brush designed for this purpose. Using a punch or toothpick remove the remains of clay from the small threads, and with a towel we can clean the main thread. Finally clean the disks that you have used to have them ready for another day.


An important part of the extruder is the plunger, which in Czextruder has two rubber rings. With an punch or a toothpick we can remove the rings to clean them and then put them back. The remains of clay can deteriorate over time the rubber rings, so it is advisable to clean when you're done using them.