¿What's this?

Czextruder is an extruder designed for polymer clay work. Its creators have paid attention to other extruders failures to build a great quality tool.

The main Czextruder´s feature is that the handle is removable allowing to attach a cordless drilling machine, reducing considerably the effort necessary to work with clay.

There are two models, the XL with a length of 10cm and the XXL with a length of 18cm. Each of the models, at the day when this article is written, can be bought in 4 different color: silver, magenta, pink and turquoise.

Czextruder XL Czextruder XL Magenta Czextruder XL Rosa Czextruder XL Turquesa

Czextruder XXL Czextruder XXL Magenta Czextruder XXL Rosa Czextruder XXL Turquesa


Both models of the Czextruder come in a cylindrical container made of cardboard, where can be stored easily. Let´s take a look inside:


The Czextruder has a number of unique features that will be described in the following analysis:


As discussed in the previous section, the extruder has no accessories attached. Although compatible with accessories from other brands, we can also get one of the sets of disks that are sold:

LCD v.1 LCD v.2 LCD v.3

These discs come in a practical miniCD plastic case. To use them, you should remove them from the circle matrix and sand a little the two small burrs to allow them fit properly into the mouthpiece.

Prepare the disks

In addition to the disks, there are other accessories (some are prototypes and some are already on the market), which show the ingenuity of the manufacturer and the possibilities of the Czextruder. Moving the mouse over each picture you can see an explanation of what each one is.

Grip Alternative handle Brush cleaner Color sleeves


That´s all of theory, let´s see now a test of the Czextruder.


Many of the problems we have observed in other extruders have been solved in the Czextruder, turning it into a solid extruder with a good mechanism. When sold it has no disks which means an extra expense in case it is the first extruder purchase, but being compatible with other brands of disks will not always be so.

But the highlight of the Czextruder is that you can attach a cordless drilling machine, plus other accessories that may appear in the future. This considerably reduces the physical effort because you should only hold the body of the extruder, and even that in the future possibly will not be necessary.

You can find more information on the manufacturer's website: CZEXTRUDER